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Crewel Wool Top Up Service


You should have more than enough yarns to complete your kit, however sometimes you may run a little low due to miss stitching or due to the hand twisting nature of the packing process.  However all our kits are pre stitched and tested for quantities so we are sure they have plenty for you to complete the kit as designed.

If you do feel you need a top up we offer this service as a courtesy, subject to a view details.


You will need to have this information to order:

  1. Have your order number
  2. Where you purchased it from
  3. Kit Name
  4. Yarn Colour Required

Please Note:

  1. We only offer free top ups to kits ordered via our sites within the last 12 months
  2. You will not be charged postage on these items unless it is international and then we will charge at cost.
  3. If you do not have your order number we cannot fulfill the order
  4. We will only allow 1 reasonable top up per kit. 
  5. A maximum of 1 skein is shipped per colour
If you need lots of supplies then you can order 1/2 hanks of all our wools and colours via the site.  If you need advice on which to order just ask the team.