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Big Stitch Cross Stitch Book


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BIG STITCH CROSS STITCH is the AMERICAN version of Supersize Stitches.  It is not licensed to sell in the UK and instead you can buy SUPERSIZE STITCHES which contains all the same patterns as Big Stitch


"The Blurb":

Love cross stitch but lacking in patience? Or are you a beginner who would like fast and fabulous designs to stitch? Do you have a larger-than-life love of colourful, hip stitching? Then this is the book for you.
Featuring modern twists on traditional themes, you’ll find fabulous designs that can be completed in a blink using tapestry yarn and large count canvas. There’s favourites like cushions and pictures, as well as stylish Christmas designs and covetable gifts.  Jacqui Pearce has created a stunning collection of 30 quick-to-complete designs that vary from large projects for the home to little gifts.

  • Paperback - 160 Pages
  • English Language Version - USA Edition
  • We have a variety of kits to stitch selected projects in the book AVAILABLE HERE