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I love all things crafty.. especially if they are chic, creative, fun and accessible for all to make and do. I am lucky enough to have an ardent following of fellow crafters .. on my blog, newsletters and monthly magazine columns... and I spend a lot of time trawling around looking for things to share.  If you have something that you would like to let fellow crafty folk know about, then please feel free to let us know about it...  and if we like it, we will blog about it. This is NOT a sponsored blog, we do not advertise, nor do we ask for cash in exchange for a post.  We like to have a bit of integrity - so everything posted on here has a big lip smacking personal stamp of approval from me! If I have been sent something for free - I will let my readers know... If you want to shout about an event, new product, personal creation, new crafty idea, book, brand, or DIY idea... then please send it on in, and let me share it Much Crafty Love
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