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Recipe: June Gooey Meringues.. fit for Strawberries

One of the very marvellous things about June is that it is Strawberry season!  Strawberry picking is an annual event and what better way to devour them (asides from in the middle of the field) is to encase them in a gooey meringue and fresh vanilla cream. The mini pavlova I create above was made […]
June 26, 2015 by Jacqui P

Recipe: Foraged Elderflower Cordial


May / June (depending on the weather) is when the hedgerows in Sussex begin to fill to the brim with Elderflower.  A few years ago our Autumn hedgerows could be foraged at our leisure for the brambles and sloes to make our Autumn foraged foods… but the trend for all things home made has seen […]

June 12, 2015 by Jacqui P

Recipe: Foraged “Kekkle Boil” Rosehip Syrup

I used to get Rose Hip syrup with warm water before bed everynight… “kekkle boil and clean water” is what I used to call this hot sweet drink by Mum served up to me. It is the richest source of Vitamin C and has a super sweet delicious taste – it is meant to also […]
October 03, 2014 by Jacqui P

Recipe: Windfall Apple Cake

We only have a small Red Russet tree in our garden…  Sweet and crisp (and disease resilient) we managed to get about 4kg of fruit from a 3 year old tree.  So we munched some, stored some and decided to make a twist on my Sussex apple cake .. mixed with a handful of Brambles […]
October 03, 2014 by Jacqui P

Recipe: Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

As per my earlier Celebration post..  this morning, as our family tradition, we made pancakes for breakfast (hence the rather dark looking picture this grim February morn)..  delicious and a family fave, there are so many different ways to cook a pancake – some say leave the batter, some say add an egg at the […]
February 12, 2013 by Jacqui P

Celebrations: Mardi Gras and Pancakes…

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in French) and Shrove Tuesday are one in the same…  a Carnival Celebration before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  Some cultures dress up, go wild and fill their boots with food and frivolity before the fast ahead.  Us Brits?  Well we make pancakes! Whilst I love a pancake as […]
February 12, 2013 by Jacqui P

Party: Popcorn Bags and Sweet Treats

Our customers sometimes send us pictures of our Pearl and Earl celebration pieces in action – and we never tire of seeing the inspirational ways in which our products are used.  Take these Quick & Easy Christmas Sweet Treats sent to us by Olive and Fawn using our Pop Corn Bags.  Not just for Christmas, […]
January 28, 2013 by Jacqui P

Recipe: Grandma Dora’s Bonfire Toffee

As promised, here is the recipe for my Grandma Dora’s famous bonfire toffee…  this is a recipe I was hesitant to share when I first published it in 2009!  After 3 years it deserves a reblog – which I may well do every year, as that and my TOFFEE APPLES are brilliant for Halloween, Bonfire […]
November 05, 2012 by Jacqui P

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN folks!  Well the day is finally upon us and the kids are geared up for tricking and treating tonight with their home decorated bags…  judging by the sales of our Halloween Decorations, it seems likes lots of you are celebrating in style! We had our own kids party at the weekend – and […]

Baking: Geometric Cakes and Cookies

I LOVE these modern geometric cake and cookie designs from LA based MODERN BITES.  Not only are their cakes and cookies delicious but so is their gift packaging.  If Pearl and Earl was a cake, it would probably look something like this.  With patterns ideas lifted from the 70’s and a clever use of printed, flooded […]
October 02, 2012 by Jacqui P