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News: Did you know we were a Design Studio?

Did you know we were at our heartland a design studio? No?  Well, if not we thought we would share our second brochure of the week..  Welcome to the PEARL AND EARL studio brochure.. a gallery to whet your appetite of what our small Sussex based studio can do for you.  We are a design […]
September 20, 2013 by Jacqui P

Supersize Crayon Cross Stitch

Just finished this big bad cross stitch… as part of my Supersize Series being released on the run up to my book SUPERSIZE STITCHES. All the kits are getting a revamp.. and will be live on the site over the next couple of weeks Happy Stitching x
August 02, 2012 by Jacqui P

Supersize Stitches Site Live

My first book SUPERSIZE STITCHES is being published in September 2012… and today its website went live..  it has the latest gossip and gallery and information. We are also on twitter @SupersizeStitch so you can follow our latest updates Let us know what you think

The Marmarati: Photography Challenge

As you may know, I have been given the honourable task of judging the Crafty entries for the latest Marmite campaign…  THE MARMARATI. One of the other challenges is Photography, which is being judged by the super talented NATHAN PASK… and I am loving his “show em how its done” picture Apparently he sat in […]
June 26, 2012 by Jacqui P

Marmite Loves Jacqui P

I am thrilled to announce my latest project – to be the resident CRAFT JUDGE for the Marmarati … Who are they?  I hear you cry… Well the illustrious Marmarati are an esteemed collective of the most dedicated Marmite lovers.  Entry into their society involves proving yourself worthy of the title by passing a challenge, […]
June 22, 2012 by Jacqui P