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Baking: Geometric Cakes and Cookies

I LOVE these modern geometric cake and cookie designs from LA based MODERN BITES.  Not only are their cakes and cookies delicious but so is their gift packaging.  If Pearl and Earl was a cake, it would probably look something like this.  With patterns ideas lifted from the 70’s and a clever use of printed, flooded […]
October 02, 2012 by Jacqui P

Cross Stitch Wedding Cake

As my alterego Pearl and Earl… I am a creator and curator of chic celebrations… but when this one landed in my inbox, my crafty half was simply mad for the Handmade Countryside Wedding of Elaine & Drew.  But in particular their cross stitch initial wedding cake, in delicious turquoise, red and white…  and the […]
July 06, 2012 by Jacqui P

Jubilee Bake Off

This weekend we had 2 street parties and one of them had a JUBILEE BAKE OFF .. as you may know I love a baking challenge.. and the children were in full on competitive spirit. So we put our heads together – and decided on a red, white and blue sponge layered cake..  with a […]
June 06, 2012 by pearlandearl

DIY Spectrum of Frostings

I do rather like the blog of anna and blue paperie..  but I totally loved it after this wonderfull DIY photo chart on how to make a full spectrum of frosting colours for your cake. Genius!   The pictures are duly printed and in my recipe folder
May 25, 2012 by pearlandearl

.. and Quilted Cookies

…  more crafty cookies!  Yes I thought I would also share this patchwork quilt also baked by Sugar and Meringue.  Who like all their projects give you full instructions and recipes (but sadly not the skill or steady hand!) I think the Granny Square ones are still my favourite
November 07, 2011 by pearlandearl

Granny Square Cookies!

Oh my gosh…  regular readers will know of my Granny Square addiction (hence design things like our popular Granny Square Cross Stitch Kit).. and whilst browsing the web yesterday I stumbled upon instructions for the most divine Granny Square cookies from Sugar and Meringue. I am not the most patient cookie decorator – but I […]

Making Cake Pops

As promised here are the basic premise of how to make cake pops.. now the Americans love to use cake mixes and ready made frostings in a lot of their books on cupcakes and pops.  I have used my own cakes and buttercreams – and Ange (aka BAKERELLA) does these in her CAKE POP book […]
June 27, 2011 by pearlandearl

Recipe: Cake Pop Lady

 This week I received my CAKE POPS book by the American blogger BAKERELLA, who is credited with taking a cake ball and making it into a crafty phenomenon!  I have been an avid fan of her blog for a while, and her party tips and tricks are super inspirational..With her coloured candy coatings, sweet trimmings […]
June 24, 2011 by pearlandearl

Laduree Obsessions

 For those of you who are regular readers… you will know that I am a fan of baking – and have had an obsession with Laduree Macarons since I first went to Paris aged 12 and thought they were the most glamorous things I had ever seen…  The wonderful story of Ladurée began in 1862, […]
June 10, 2011 by pearlandearl