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The first of the new look Cross Stitcher magazine launched at the weekend …  published by Future Publishing who are the biggest niche publisher in the UK and who are proud to have all the No 1 ‘best in sector’ titles!… as well as having the largest exporting catalogue of any magazine publisher…   Wooo hooo

One of their successes I feel – is that they are not shy about reviewing their formats and adapting with the times – to try and keep ahead of the crowd.  With that in mind – the new look magazine hopes to entice a new crowd to cross stitching, as well as inspiring more seasoned crafters with new techniques and charts….  very Granny Knits

So I was thrilled when acting editor Joanna Heptinstall asked me to be part of the magazine..

From January 2011 I will have a monthly chart and column, aimed at the ‘Crafty Chic’ crowd, and I have been very excited about the projects that we have worked on so far…

The charts are in my signature colourful style, with a twist of nostalgic chic and humour, with a few mad techniques thrown in (all trial and error here)…  you can stitch the whole thing or pick n mix some tit bits.  Its up to you.

As for the column – well it will cover trends and happenings in stitching crafts as well as what happens to inspire me that month.  If you have anything you think I should be looking at, attending or writing about – then please let me know by commenting here or email us at Granny Knits… and I can look to include you in the column.

Meanwhile here is a sneaky peak of some of the ‘design work ups’…  the first one out at the beginning of December…

PS – all the comments are my own opinion and not those of Future Publishing etc etc etc etc x

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