Kitsch Christmas at our house

Christmas arrived a little later than normal in our house this year…  you will be aware that we have been a little inundated!.. normally everything is up on the 1st by order of the kids!
But as we turned into the 2nd week of December, my 5 year old daughter had waited long enough and decided to pull rank and organise her dad up to the loft and put the girls on decorating duty..  Mr H pulled in our 8 foot beauty from the garden and I managed to make the 2 reception rooms look suitably festive and hide the carnage on the other floors!!
We bought a few new bits for this year as I found a stash of vintage decorations on one of my shopping trips – which I was more than a little excited about..  the taste level is pure kitsch and colour (very on brand we feel) and super sized too this year.
We found a fresh garland in town and garnished it with pom poms with a monster paper one as the centre piece in the snug …  whilst the new glass decorations adorned the ‘grown up room’ and tree.. scattered as well as hung!  We also filled up our bay window with the 60cm massive pink bells – now there’s a statement piece for you!…
Now for that glass of mulled wine… and sneaky mince pie!

Our retro advent calendar from Uncle Chris

my favourite decoration
closely followed by this…

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