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Butterflies and Pom Poms

6 Bright Butterflies – No 1
In November we launched a LOT of new designs on Granny Knits ready for the Christmas season… and the response was fantastic.  Thank you!
The Bright Butterflies have been particularly popular – and the jewel colours and organic shapes have been a bit of hit and one of my personal favourites.  Available as 12 Butterflies (crewel wool 10hpi) and 6 Butterflies x 2 (super sized tapestry wool 7hpi) .. Aunty Ann has just finished stitching up the super long version for me, and it looks AMAZING!  We have whipped it off to our super framer David for framing in an over sized gold frame to finish it off – and it will adorn the space above our bed (after it has been photographed for our new catalogue SIGN UP FOR YOUR COPY HERE)…
A mini version of these butterflies to be stitched in stranded cotton will be in the MARCH issue of Cross Stitcher, along side my Pom Pom flower design.  
I came up with the pom pom idea when working with some old stranded cotton on our mini pom pom makers and thought I would try stitching it into a design to add a little texture.  I think the 3D result is fabulous and it has a real 50’s feel to the whole thing – which is why I designed the apron.  I really hope you enjoy stitching it!  I also think they would look great stitched onto some clothing – or a 50’s full skirt for a little girl..  my 5 year old is pestering me to make her one and I will share the result when I get round to it!
Why not post your finished piece on our Face Book Page – where we choose a prize winner every month from our favourites.
Issue 236 is out at the end of this month.
12 Bright Butterflies – Long
6 Bright Butterflies – No 2
Pom Pom Flowers

January 12, 2011 by pearlandearl
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